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Technology solutions for Events Industry are a must to automate most of the mundane and complex activities. They leave room for innovation and perfecting the experience of a well managed event. Being intricately familiar with the ins and outs of all kinds of Event Management, we could understand the need of having a reliable solution that automated and integrated various activities and enabled centralized monitoring.

Event Management

Our Automated event management Saas platform- Xpertech just lets you skim through the complex process of managing an event. Be it a Conference, a Seminar, Workshop, or a Roadshow, or any other event; there are a thousand and one bits and pieces that need to be arranged and organized. Rest assured, everything is taken care by Xpertech.

  • Redefined onsite Event experience
  • Complete set of planning tools to save your time
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Measurable ROI
  • Increased footfall

A new experience in Events Registration that feels like just gliding through effortlessly. Features include Registration, Hotel booking, Ticketing, Discount and Payment Gateways.

  •      More than 10 different Payment Gateways with four default currencies (INR,USD,EUR & AED); scalable upon request.
  •      Customized Email and SMS templates
  •      Group registration.
  •      Corporate registration.
  •      Auto sending email notification to delegates.
  •      Customizable template for Invoice and Visa letters.
  •      Customizable welcome page
  •      Numerous themes to select from.
  •      Customized report and analytical dashboard

Nothing gets easier than getting past our abstract and paper submission interface! With user friendly experience and ease of mobility, xPaper, although a module on its own, is wonderfully integrated to registration, appearing on a single dashboard.

  •      Customizable form.
  •      Customizable welcome page.
  •      Numerous themes to select from.
  •      Customized report and analytical dashboard.
  •      Custom guideline page.
  •      Auto sending email notification to delegates.
  •      Smooth and effortless reviewing process.
  •      Blind review.
  •      Abstract Submission, Revised paper submission and Final Paper submission

Intelligence gathering is a practice almost as important as the registration itself. Although the black and white are the same, interface and ease of providing feedback on this system is a child’s play.

  •      Custom feedback form
  •      Analytical dashboard and report generation
  •      Unlimited Survey
  •      Anonymous submission
  •      Post Event Survey
  •      Pre Event Survey
  •      Pre Event Poll

Onsite solutions built-in are designed to engage an attendee pleasantly even at the eleventh hour. The system has the capability to handle on-spot registration, customize and print bespoke badges on the go.

  •      Handles Spot registration and badge printing
  •      QR code generation and Barcode generation with custom data encoded
  •      Capable to capture images and create photo id on onsite
  •      Fully Customizable badge template with an awesome drag and drop interface. Capable to do the entire badge design.
  •      Analytical dashboard and report generation
  •      Capable to manage authentication (QRcode or Barcode scanning) to different session(Halls) such as Food session, workshops, Kit bag distribution.
  •      Double sided badge printing as well as single side
  •      Integrated Payment Gateway

A complete fully customizable mobile app experience for your attendees, orgnisers,exhibitors & visitors with a hassle-free navigation & responsive design makes a difference . XperTech offers a smart solution: the event web-app. A shortcut with own app icon on the home screen of any smartphone, that works exactly like an event app: easily and intuitively. Event apps are very popular. No wonder: they are user-friendly and your visitor has all information available.

  • Cost-efficient No extra development costs
  • User-friendly No installation, no updates, less memory required
  • Up-to-date All new information is visible at once, no updates needed
  • Responsive Suitable for all types of smartphones, tablets and computer screen
  • Connect Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors in a single app
  • Facilitate digital and in-person networking at events

See how XperTech event control technology can help you.

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