Real Virtual Events and Virtual Meetings Platforms

Create The Real Virtual Events and Virtual Meetings Platforms with Integrated Solutions

Events affected due to the COVID-19 outbreak can transform them into a Virtual Event. Check out our newly launched Virtual Event Platform, now!

When you can’t meet in person, XperTech can support your virtual event marketing and management needs to get the most out of your online events.

When your virtual event is over, you’ll have a comprehensive view of all your events and the right data to understand the impact and ROI of your full events program.

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A complete Event registration module.


An Abstract and Paper submission system


An Intelligent survey system


A complete onsite solutions

Simplify the process of bringing people together through Xpertech!

Our Automated event management Saas platform- Xpertech just lets you skim through the complex process of managing the event.

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  •     Strong industry knowledge blended with latest technology
  •     Secure, flexible and scalable event sofware solutions hosted by us
  •     Post sales support with indepth product knowledge that make your life easier
  •     Consulting, Delivering and services: our team provides quick and effective help
  •     Global sofware, local services

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